Testimonies / Praise Reports:

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"Miraculously, Supernaturally," 
Sustaining Faithfully the Ministry of 
Kingdom Way Church

C.U. Has been attending for the last 8 years sporadically, and now attends Bible Study faithfully and is actively involved in ministry.

W. B. I awake each day now seeking for what the Lord needs of me, instead of going about my business

K. N. Paid 5000.00 back owed tithes and things are being added unto her that had been held back 

J. W. Paid over 2500.00 in back owed tithes and things  are being added unto them that had been held back.

C.C Vehicle had been given much trouble, the word of Lord ministered to her next week back on the road

CBM went in to pick up a 2013 Mercedes, walked out with a 2014 Mercedes, fussing that she asked for the 2013, the Spirit kindly reminded her that I will pour you out blessings you will not have room to receive. The boss said put her in the 2014, the earthly boss just simply obeyed the heavenly boss.

C. delivered from whormongering

Healings and miracles on the rise in our midst and even as we go  

Jacob  salvation

Thiana Sanchez salvation

Lady healed of tonsillitis 

J. T.  reclaimed backslider, drugs
S. A. reclaimed backslider, drug addiction
E. A. reclaimed backslider, drug addiction
S. B. this is real different
A. B. not experienced anything like this before
L.W. healed of breast cancer, body filled with tumors
J.V. healed of prostrate cancer
M. H. raised from the dead, rigor mortis had set in
Young Man, healed of diabetes
J. B. healed of a hole in the heart
K. N. debt cancellation's taxes and residental
P. W. 20! back child support checks come in at once
​C. M. 2000.00 cash placed in her hand  
E. C. son spared of death tragic car accident
P. W. college debt 20,000.00 cancelled
J. B. drug addiction delivered
A. L. alcohol addiction delivered
A. S. delivered from spirit of illiteracy
Unknown degenerate arthritis, with steel disc in back
Unknown blinded eyes open in midst of service
C. P. broken toes healed
D. H. healed breast 
A. B. healed prostrate cancer
C. M. 12,000.00 debt cancelled
4 Souls saved
Possession of our church home building!

So much more I can't keep up with

Kingdom Way Church Family, 

No Hype! No Gimmicks 
Just Jesus!

God Still hears and answers prayers
God is Still working Miracles! 

For I too must stand before Jesus one day soon to give an account!

To God be the Glory!

Day of Prayer

There is Hope in the Cross of Calvary

October 27, 2019
10:00 am

Problems - Situation - Circumstances
Sicknesses - Marriages - Families - Jobs
Finances - Children - Addictions


It is our heartfelt desire to pray with you, 
that you may see the hand of God 
move on your behalf!!!