On June 12, 2006 Kingdom Way Church was established to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth as it is in heaven and today your are sitting in a small part of the what is. When she obeyed she God she moved into the land of the unknown (walking by faith), and God opened up doors that no man can shut.  

Thanks to her Mentor and General Overseer, Dr. H. Michael Chitwood, the General Overseer of the International Congress of Churches and Ministers (ICCM), whom many doors and privileges was so graciously afforded to her, as she was mentored by Dr. Chitwood, who blessed her, to published her first book, LORD, Help! Me To Understand.  

This book was written from years of experience of listening to people every where she went, and when  she would respond to them with the way out (the ways of God), the first thing they would say or their body language would say is, “but you don’t understand.”

The Lord spoke to Pastor Moore and said, they are right you don’t understand and I am glad you don’t, because if you understood like they understood, then nobody would understand ME! 

This book will change your ways of thinking about situations and circumstances of life, when you come into the knowledge that ignorance of the ways of God is a SIN! In all your getting in life get understanding, exalt her and she will promote you, embrace her and she will cause you to be honored. Proverbs 4:7-8. 

Pastor Moore says “if a mentor does not challenge and provoke you to greater works then, they are not the mentor for you. To God be the glory for the challenging and the provoking that she has received since December 12, 2008. 
Pastor Moore is a member of the Benny Hinn Ministries Global Impact team, she was one of the original members of the team in 1997. She has set at the feet of Pastor Benny, as he was a Gamaliel to her, as Gamaliel was to the greatest apostle of all Paul. Gamaliel taught Paul the things of the Law and Pastor Benny taught Pastor Moore about the things of the Spirit.

Pastor Moore is an Evangelist, Teacher, Revivalist, Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Clergy, Church and Personal Ministries Administrative and Management Consultant and a Printing and Graphic Design Specialist.

​She is the founder of Carletta B Moore Ministries, The Struggle is over City-Wide Crusades, Integrity Consultant Services, Integrity Printing and Designs, Tola End-Time Radio Ministry and the newest ministry venture The Morales Development Center. 

She has just published her latest book "The Journey to Success" a 30 Day Journal. 
This journal will help anyone who is struggling with identifying true SUCCESS!

Pastor Moore's favorite saying and she MEANS it is! 
"Don't Make Me Choose for You Sure Will Loose"
Pastor Carletta B. Moore, received the Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, April 15, 1979, at New Hope UHC, Hartly, DE, under the pastorate of the late George M. Cuthbertson. She was a faithful, energetic, and an obedient laborer to New Hope, and to her Pastor whom she faithfully took care of. She was a Sunday school  teacher, youth and evangelistic outreach ministries leader and she was faithful to prayer meetings and Bible study. 

She received the call to the ministry in 1980, immediately she set out to prepare herself by enrolling in the United Christian College, Wilmington, DE where she received a Bachelor of Theology degree. 

In 1997 she responded to the call of God to “Feed My Sheep” and Harvest Outreach Worship Center was established where she Co-Pastored.

In 2001, Pastor Moore launched City-Wide Crusades in several cities, where testimonies (on record) of salvations, healings, miracles (spiritually, physically and financially) were manifested in these meetings.

In 2003, Pastor Moore was ordained as Senior Pastor of Harvest Outreach Worship Center. In 2004 the LORD spoke again and said “when you let go of what was, I will take you into the what is.”

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