The Morales Development Center has been years in becoming a reality, however the word says, though the vision tarry, it shall come to pass. A House of Hope Resource Center will be housed in this center, located downtown Smyrna, DE along with Integrity Consulting Services (committed to helping start and organize ministries). 

MDC, has been established to help the local community. So often we set out to meet the physical needs of man and the spiritual needs goes lacking. It is time to realize that the word says, " Man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

For years we have set up outreach ministries and programs to feed, clothe, and to take of maintaining the needs of rent, electric bills etc., and you look around, the same cycle is often seen in the same people.

It is so! As a man thinks so is he. Change your thinking, you will change your world!

​Now, I know that there is still hope for those who are caught in this cycle of life. My heart goes out to them as I go up and down the streets communication with them. I know that the Creator has a purpose and plan for everything and everybody that He created, but the only way to know it, is through knowledge of Him who died for mankind.

Many walk to and from everyday searching for answers to, why do I exist?, what is my purpose in life?, I know it's more to life than this and they go aimlessly trying to find answers, some seek answers in drugs, some in alcohol, some in women, some in men, some in friends, jobs, and some even in different locations in life and oft time to no avail.

MDC, is designed to put one in the direction to get real answers to these questions and if they will respond to the directions given, they will come to know who they are (identity), and what they were created for (purpose). Their self-esteem will be built up, their self-worth, and self-value will be established from the inside out, here, Purpose will meet up Destiny.

The first phase of the development center will be a Resource Center, the House of Hope. It will be open for the community to come in and seek help to get moving forward in life.

We will be establishing an employment agency, while networking with local businesses and agencies to get people employed, and moving forward in life through educating and empowering with everyday life skills.

Educating + Empowering = Freedom​
Jesus said "I come that you might have life and that more abundantly."​ 

The underlying scripture for this ministry is "Acts 3:6, Silver and gold have I none, but such ​as I have, I give unto you, in the name of Jesus, get up and walk!

MDC, will endeavor to teach life's spiritual skills that will effect the life of every one that comes through the doors, enabling them to live a productive, prosperous life in our community and in their homes. 

"So we welcome you to Morales Development Center"
MDC, Medic (The medicine that heals a life)

22 East Mt Vernon Street, Smyrna, DE 19977 

  Morales Development Center
 January 2017 the LORD spoke to 'SHUT IT DOWN'