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The Sovereignty Of God 

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  9:00 am, Prayer
  9:10 am, Sunday Bible Study
  10:00 am, Morning Worship
  4:00 pm, Afternoon Service  
       (School of Ministry)

  6:30 pm, Time of  
  Remembrance Bible Study
22 E. Mt Vernon Street
Smyrna, DE 
  6:30 pm, Prayer
               5136 DuPont Parkway
                      Smyrna, DE 
Schedule subject to change as we give way to the move of the Holy Spirit!

Join Us!
We Welcome You

Thank you for visiting with us today, I pray that something you read or 
hear will challenge you to take your relationship with our Lord and Savior 
Jesus Christ to the next level of walking with God. May you prosper today 
and forever more, even as your soul prospers in Christ Jesus. 

Committed to His service Pastor Carletta B. Moore, 
An Apostle to the Body of Christ
Designed by Carletta B. Moore Ministries
Kingdom Way Church
5136 DuPont Parkway, P O Box 531, Smyrna, DE 19977
Finding the right church is only 
half the battle! ..........

You also need to find your purpose and destiny that the Creator created you for.

Join us this week as we strive to educate and empower 
you in the Creator's will for your life, His purpose for 
your life, and His destiny for your life. 

For all that will matter in the end of life is what the Creator planned for you and I before we were even born.

God has a plan for your life and it will not be altered,          hindered or changed by no man, no woman, no boy or
girl. From the greatest in authority, none will have any say over the will of the kingdom of God.

For the kingdom of God is made known by the teaching of His kingdom principles, the practicing of His word and
the sharing of His love.

We welcome you to experience
Kingdom living with us!
Here is a sample of the call and ministry of
 Kingdom Way

Day of Prayer
There is Hope in the Cross of Calvary

February 21, 2016
10:00 AM


Problems <> Situation <> Circumstances

Sicknesses - Marriages - Jobs - Finances
  Children -Addictions - Prosperity 
Families - Diseases

​It is our heartfelt desire to pray with you, that you may see the hand of God move on your behalf!!!​

"Monday Services" 
are being held at 

22 E. Mt Vernon Street
Smyrna, DE

Held at the Church

5136 DuPont Parkway
Smyrna, DE
February 2016    4:00 PM 
                  February 7,    Apostle A. T. Flowers, Bridgeville, DE
                  February 21,  Pastor Shirley Baker, Milford, DE 

                  February 28,  Pastor Angelique Mason, Ridgley, MD 

March 2016    4:00 PM

 March 6,    Prophet Jermaine Johnson, Milford, DE

  March 13,  Pastor Jerome Trott, Jr. Dover, DE         

***9:00 AM  March 19, MTA, Men Taking Authority Men's Gathering
     "Men Gathering From All Walks of Life"

                  March 20,   Bishop Charles Tilghman, Chestertown, MD        

March 27,   Happy Resurrection Day

We Welcome YOU to Join Us 
As We Continue to Make Disciples 
In Preparation to Meet Our God